Constitutional Reform Deliberation Day

Dear Hong Kong citizens,


We have come to a critical moment in the democratic development in Hong Kong. Supporters of universal suffrage have been striving for years for an electoral system of the Chief Executive that meets international standards. Now it is the time for decision.


On 20 March, an academic conference involving experts in international constitutional law, human rights law, and electoral law was held at the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong. While the international standards on “universal and equal suffrage’ were articulated clearly, of utmost importance is to ensure that voters will have genuine choices. Among the various proposals on the Chief Executive electoral system, many can meet such standards.



Constitutional Reform Deliberation Day
Discussion and Voting Arrangements


Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP) will be holding the “Constitutional Reform Deliberation Day” in five different districts of Hong Kong on 6 May 2014. All Hong Kong citizens are welcome. We are arranging 5 to 10 sessions, each accommodating approximately 500 participants. In each session, a neutral constitutional law expert will briefly introduce each of the Chief Executive electoral proposals that can meet international standards. Participants will then discuss in groups of 20 under the guidance of a facilitator and the assistance of a constitutional consultant (who may be a law student who has studied constitutional law, a probationary lawyer, or a practicing lawyer).  After the deliberations, each participant who has signed the OCLP letter of intent can vote for ONE proposal that he or she prefers the most at the polling booths on the spot. The voting results will be announced later that evening.


The three proposals receiving the most support from the “Constitutional Reform Deliberation Day” will be offered to all Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 or above who will then select one among the three on the “Civil Referendum Day” on 22 June. The Chief Executive electoral proposal thus selected will be submitted to the HKSAR Government for consideration. If the proposal is not accepted by the Government, OCLP will, when necessary, carry out the acts of civil disobedience - Occupy Central - in order to fight for a genuine universal and equal suffrage that comply with international standards.


Application for the Deliberation Day for english speakers can be submitted via the following link (please read the related materials prior to the deliberation):

Date: 6th May 2014 (Tue, Public Holiday)

Time: 2:15pm - 6:15pm (Registration starts at 1:30pm)

Venue: North Point Methodist Church [11 Cheung Hong Street, Hong Kong]


We sincerely hope that Hong Kong citizens will respond to our call and participate in the “Constitutional Reform Deliberation Day”. Take the opportunity to express your opinion while listening to others. Exercise your democratic rights to select the three Chief Executive electoral proposals.  Make choice for the future of our city while we still can.


OCLP Organizers

Chan Kin-man, Benny Tai, Chu Yiu-ming



Reference materials


1. Various proposals for the Chief Executive Election in 2017

(please read the proposals before taking part in the Deliberation Day):


2. On the International Standard of Universal Suffrage

Guiding principles on the compatibility of mechanisms and methods of election with International Standards: outcome of the academic roundtable on “Universal Suffrage and Nomination Procedures: Imperatives from Article 25 ICCPR,” held on 20 March 2014 at the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong.


3. Build your own proposal for universal suffrage: Design Democracy for Hong Kong

“Design Democracy, Hong Kong” is a unique online platform sponsored by The University of Hong Kong’s Centre for Public and Comparative Law, a non-profit virtual research centre in the HKU Faculty of Law. It allows users to build their own proposal for universal suffrage before deliberation.




Constitutional Reform Deliberation Day
list of proposals


Based on the initial opinion of the expert panel from the Faculty of Law of The University of Hong Kong, 15 proposals on Chief Executive electoral systems put forth by various individuals and bodies are considered to be compatible with the "guiding principles on the compatibility of electoral systems and international standards". They are listed as follows:


1.   Students Proposal

2.   People Power Proposal

3.   Alliance for True Democracy Proposal

4.   Johannes CHAN Man-mun Proposal

5.   Hong Kong Democratic Foundation Proposal 1

6.   Hong Kong Democratic Foundation Proposal 2

7.   League of Social Democrats Proposal

8.   Scholars Proposal

9.   LAM Lap Chi Proposal

10.   Joseph WONG Wing-ping Proposal

11.   Ronny TONG Ka-wah Proposal

12.   Hong Kong 2020 Proposal

13.   Michael DAVIS Proposal

14.   Simon YOUNG Ngai-man Proposal

15.   HO Lok-sang Proposal


After considering the opinion of the expert panel, OCLP concurs that the above 15 proposals are able to ensure genuine choices for voters in elections, and therefore has decided to include all of them for the deliberations and voting on the Constitutional Reform Deliberation Day.

On the Constitutional Reform Deliberation Day on 6 May, each of the participants who has signed the OCLP letter of intent will select his or her most preferred proposal from all available choices. The three proposals receiving the most support will be offered to all eligible voters in Hong Kong, who will then select one among the three on the “Civil Referendum Days” on 20-22 June.


OCLP Organizers

Benny Tai, Chan Kin-man, Chu Yiu-ming

30 APR 2014



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