Official Statement by OCLP

[ Official statement by OCLP 17 AUG 2014 ]

In response to thejust finished Anti-Occupy Central petition and demonstration organized by the pro-establishment groups


In response to the just finished Anti-Occupy Central petition and demonstration organized by the pro-establishment groups, the Secretariat of Occupy Central has the following statement: -


We respect every one of the people who voluntarily signed the petition and joined the demonstration. We understand their worries. We reiterate that Occupy Central is an action that will take place only when it is really inevitable. Even though when Occupy Central is taking place, it will definitely be peaceful and non-violent. Just like the 511 demonstrators at Chater Road on 2nd of July dawn, we won’t have any confrontation with the Police.


With respect to the number of people who have signed the petition, we are unable to comment on it, because the organizer didn’t appoint an independent body to supervise and execute the whole process. Moreover, they have no measure to prevent repeated signing in the street, nor submitting signature on-line after signing in the street.  Even more regrettable is, as reported by the press, mainland students were asked to sign the anti-Occupy Central petition when applying for documents at the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Hong Kong. What’s more, there are companies which coerced their staff to comply in order to collect more signatures. We think that using any form of coercion in facilitating any political movements is inappropriate.


Similarly regrettable is, there are organizations which mobilized people to participate in the demonstration without clearly explaining to them the nature of the activity, as reported by the press. There are some organizations which even used money or meals to seduce people to join the demonstration. We believe that there are people who took part in the petition and the demonstration of their own free will. But the fact that the organizer of the activities that allows the above incidents to happen will only lead people not to trust any number related to the activities and this is not fair to those people who joined the activities of their own free will.


In fact, no matter how big the number is, it cannot cover up the opinions of nearly 800 thousands people collected in the Civil Referendum held by Occupy Central with Love and Peace. Those people who have voted have delegated their power to Occupy Central to fight for the Alliance for True Democracy proposal and to ask the Legislative Council to vote against a proposal for universal suffrage that does not fit the international standard. Anti-Occupy Central movement states that they are anti-violent and fighting for universal suffrage. This is not contrary to our own goals unless their ‘fighting for universal suffrage’ is ‘fighting for voting with pre-screening’. It is a pity that the organizer of the anti-Occupy Central movement has never clearly stated their proposal for the universal suffrage.


Lastly, if anti-Occupy Central movement is really able to obtain the support of more than a million people, which as we all know, is a very big number. (There are only 1.8 million turnout in the Legislative Council Election.) The pro-establishment groups indeed should not be afraid of having a civic nomination and a universal suffrage of an international standard. Hong Kong people should be given genuine choice in the election of the Chief Executive.