OCLP Condemns Groups’ Conducting Violent Clearance, Urges Government to Respond to Protesters’ Demands

[ Press Release : 13 October 2014 14:30PM ] 

OCLP Condemns Groups’ Conducting Violent Clearance, Urges Government to Respond to Protesters’ Demands


Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP) regrets the police’s removal of some of the barricades set up by the occupy movement this morning. At around noon dozens of masked men then forcefully removed blockades in the Admiralty occupied zone. OCLP condemns these violent actions. We urge the police to enforce the law and prevent certain people from damaging peaceful occupy movement, and avoid any suspicion that the government may be trying to use the masses to attack the masses.


Two weeks have elapsed since the occupy movement made its presence felt, but the administration has produced no serious responses. There is no attempt at accountability for the violent clearance of September 28th. Senior officials played the game of passing the buck, unable to come up with any road map to re-activate the process of political reform. Then the agreed dialogue with students was called off. Such irresponsibility cannot result in anything good for the city. OCLP calls upon the Administration to stop removal of the barricades. What must be removed are the fundamental barriers which cause the present crisis: the collusion of political and business interests and small circle monopoly of the legislature and the office of the Chief Executive. The people are crying out against an unjust system which is barricading Hong Kong's development into a caring society. 


The occupy movement first began as a response to government's closure of the Civic Square. The administration was of the view that the re-opening of the Square might invite people to congregate, thus affecting the running of the Chief Government Office. Such mindset is a contradiction of the Open Door philosophy which underlines the design of the building in the first place. The closure sets the administration on the opposite side of the people for good. It is against centuries of Chinese political wisdom. The tradition likens the will of the people to flowing water: it is only to be channeled, not blocked. The re-opening of the Civic Square would be an icon of reconciliation, reducing tension with the population, bringing calm to the community. We strongly urge the Administration to give it its serious consideration. 


We understand that the current situation might have caused inconvenience to our fellow citizens. The anti-occupy groups' violence against the occupiers would merely deepen the social contradictions and destroy the fame and the tradition of non-violent disobedience in Hong Kong; your violence would solve no problems. We expect non-violence from protesters of all backgrounds.


We ask the occupiers to stand firm in defending the occupied area and support each others; we also ask you to stand by the principle of non-violent disobedience in face of the police's clearance. We believe that the success of the movement hinge on our perseverance in the spirit of democracy, love and peace.


OCLP Secretariat

13 October 2014


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