Adjournment of First Poll in Umbrella Square

[ The Hong Kong Federation of Students, Scholarism, Occupy Central with Love and Peace,

Pan-democracy Legislators and other representatives of the Umbrella Movement announced the decision to adjourn the poll in the Umbrella Square. 26 October 2014 ]

Adjournment of First Poll in Umbrella Square


In view of the different opinions regarding the format, motions and effectiveness of the first poll that was scheduled on 26th and 27th October in Umbrella Square, we have decided to adjourn the poll after thorough discussions and careful consideration.  We believe a mass movement should act according to the will of the people and we apologize to the public for the lack of discussion among the participants before making the previous decision. Still, we call for citizens to go to the three occupied areas today to exchange ideas on the future directions of the movement and how we can gather and consolidate the opinions of the supporters in order to strive for genuine universal suffrage together.



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