Democracy fears not tears, The day Hong Kong changed : Remember 9.28 | Bring an umbrella | Uphold together

[ OCLP Press Release 27 OCT 2014 ]

Democracy fears not tears, The day Hong Kong changed

Remember 9.28 | Bring an umbrella | Uphold together


It’s one-month anniversary of the Umbrella Movement. On 28 September the Hong Kong Government and their police force used tear gas 87 times against the peaceful protesters. The occupy movement then turned into a widespread and globally well-known movement of civil disobedience. We would like to invite all of you, who support genuine universal suffrage, to come back to the Umbrella Square with an umbrella, and wear the identifying features of 9.28 (such as clothing or goggles). Those who are not able to join in person, please wear yellow and stand for a moment of silence wherever you are at 5:57pm. Let’s go forward in solidarity!


Date: 28 October 2014

Time: 5:30pm - 10:00pm

Place: Umbrella Square, Harcourt Road, Admiralty



17:30 Villagers from the 3 Occupied Areas on stage;

Visual recap: '928 When Tears Came Down'

17:57 Moment of Silence, for 87 seconds

(occupiers in the squares hold up items they wore on 9.28)

18:00-20:00 Creative showcase by villagers

(photography, dance, installations, singing, drama...)

20:00-22:00 Evening Rally: Democracy fears not tears, The day Hong Kong changed

Sharing sessions with Hong Kong Federation of Students, Scholarism, OCLP, United Front in support of Students' and People's Struggle, medical team, journalists, teachers, social workers, religious groups, cultural workers, grassroots, pro-democracy legislators, ......


*Details of the programme may be further adjusted. Please take note of announcements on the day or on the spot :



photo / Manson Wong , Nathan Tsui @ USP United Social Press

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