OCLP urges BBC to retract misleading report

[ OCLP Statement : 2 Nov 2014 ]

OCLP urges BBC to retract misleading report




We note and appreciate that edits and corrections have been made to the original story. However, we believe the reports (print and video) are still inaccurate in a number of ways:


1. Without saying so directly, the story still implies OCLP was planned and organized with outside "support", without clarity on whether this means sharing a training handbook (easily downloaded online), large-scale funding, or anything in between.


2. The report says that "far from being impromptu demonstrations, it is an open secret at this meeting in Norway that plans were hatched in Hong Kong for the demonstrations nearly two years ago." Actually, the fact that OCLP has been planned for nearly two years is not and never was an "open secret". It is public knowledge.


3. The report says Yang Jianli "has been talking to the Hong Kong students on a daily basis." We do not know with whom he has been communicating, but as we have previously stated, we have not been in touch with him. There are thousands of students on the street in Hong Kong, and the fact that Mr Yang may be talking to some of them is in fact irrelevant to your story's claims.


We also note the video report filed by Ms Kuenssberg remains online and unchanged, though it is riddled with inaccuracies. It should be removed as soon as possible.


The BBC has said it stands by the story, despite these inaccuracies. This is disingenuous and leaves the story muddled, misleading and open to misinterpretation. The corporation has failed to adequately address the specific concerns raised by viewers, experienced journalists and scholars around the world. In fact more than 1300 people from around the world have signed a petition asking the BBC to retract the story. We believe this would be the right thing to do.


[ more details - http://on.fb.me/1vwRaq5 ]



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