Strongly Condemn Unreasonable Arrest of OCLP Stewards


[Press Release]

Strongly Condemn Unreasonable Arrest of OCLP Stewards

There was a deliberate attempt to create trouble in Admiralty's Umbrella Square yesterday (November 12) afternoon. Three men allegedly threw stinking animal organs at Next Media Group Chairman Jimmy Lai and damaged nearby tents. Stewards at the scene immediately went forward to stop them and prevent them from leaving the scene. During this time, a steward and a citizen were injured after the alleged attackers brutally pushed them to the ground. The alleged attackers were then jointly restrained by stewards and citizens, and handed over to the police. Afterwards, Kwok Siu-kit and Or Yiu-lam went to the police station in the capacity of witnesses, to assist the police with their investigation. Yet, the police arrested them later that evening for fighting in a public place.


In the process of preventing trouble, Kwok Siu-kit, Or Yiu-lam, another steward and a citizen were all injured and taken to hospital for examination. In the course Stewards and citizens stood out to help prevent violence, and yet in exchange they were unreasonably arrested. OCLP strongly condemns this and request that police enforce the law justly and fairly, and immediately rescind their decision to arrest them.


OCLP Secretariat

13 November 2014




( Day Before )


[ OCLP stewards, the Labour Party's Kwok Siu-kit and Democratic Party's Or Yiu-lam,

who had helped to restrain the suspects for "fighting in a public place" ]




At 5.00 pm yesterday (12 Nov 2014), three men threw what is believed to be rotten animal organs at Jimmy Lai Chi-ying who was in a tent in the occupied area of Admiralty. Police arrested the three suspects.

Later on the same evening, it was confirmed that police arrested two OCLP stewards who had helped to restrain the suspects for "fighting in a public place". The two men are the Democratic Party's Or Yiu-lam and the Labour Party's Kwok Siu-kit. Lawyers are following up on the case.