OCLP’s statement on charge on LegCo last night

OCLP’s statement on charge on LegCo last night
We understand that prior to the actions of last night, some people were disseminating misleading information that the Legislative Council would pass the “Internet Article 23” today, and using this as the reason to charge. Marshals at the scene and other protesters at one point urged them to stop the charging. Afterwards, some people surrounded the main stage and demanded the team of marshals be disbanded. In the early hours of the morning, some masked protesters again charged LegCo, damaging the external wall and using a metal railing to smash the glass door. They egged on other protesters to enter the LegCo building, but left themselves. For the following reasons, OCLP strongly condemns the action:
(1)  Those who conducted the charge did not discuss the aims and strategy of their action with the occupiers on-site beforehand. They used false information to mislead the crowd, leading to occupiers being embroiled in the situation without having full possession of the facts and forcing them to shoulder the consequences of the action.
(2)  The Umbrella Movement emphasizes non-violent civil disobedience and the acceptance of legal responsibility as a means of gaining Hong Kong people’s support for genuine universal suffrage. However, this action uses force to damage public property, without heed to the safety of those present, inviting the forceful intervention of the police. A considerable number of organisers were masked and have no intention of shouldering legal responsibility, going against the principles of civil disobedience.
OCLP strongly condemns the forceful charging action. Please note that in cases of violent charging, the legal support team would generally not provide assistance.
We express our deepest regret that the government has continued to shirk its responsibility and failed to address the Hong Kong people’s demand for true universal suffrage since 28th September. The government has repeatedly acted in an unjust manner, and this will only provoke great anger from protesters. We urge participants of the Umbrella Movement to remember our original intention, to persist in non-violent resistance, to exercise calm judgment and not get drawn into similar confrontations. This is to avoid weakening public support for the Umbrella Movement and give the government an excuse to use violence in clearing the occupied sites.
19 November 2014
OCLP Secretariat

photo / Sam Lee , Sun Yeung @ USP United Social Press 社媒